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Category Archives: Evolution of our brain & behaviour

Persistence hunting was rewarding

Persistence hunting is a technique our ancestors may have used to hunt. But it also costs a lost of energy. New research investigates whether it is worth it

An example of some super chipped Homo naledi teeth

Homo naledi teeth reveal strange diet

Homo nalediĀ  is the most recent species to join the human family. And since its discovery a couple of years ago it seems to be doing its best to mess up our understanding of that family. Notably, it looks quite old, but it isn’t. A

Autism and schizophrenia “evolved”

Humans gained many new traits over the course of our evolution. However, not all of them were beneficial. New research identifies genes linked with schizophrenia and autism that developed over the course of human evolution. In fact, they may have appeared late in the game;