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Fun facts about our family #1

As a PhD student, I do a lot of reading. Some of the stuff I read about is very interesting and gets turned into an article here. Some of it less interesting and will only ever be seen by my supervisor. For the stuff in

Hairless humans may have evolved late

Humans have very little hair, compared to our close primate relatives. This obviously raises questions about why, when, and how humans evolved to be hairless. However, hair doesn’t fossilise because it isn’t made of bone. The resulting lack of information makes it difficult to come

Dolni Vestonci ceramics

More evidence God “evolved” to make us co-operate

Most cultures have a belief in a god (or gods), but only a few believing in a “law giving” god. However, whilst there are relatively few groups with a “king” deity they tend to be much larger than those without it. A few years ago researchers noticed

Top human evolution discoveries of last week (22/11/15)

Another week goes by, another boat load of research on our ancestors. Here are the highlights: With all the excitement over Homo naledi, some of you may have forgotten the discovery that Homo lived much earlier than we thought. However, this conclusion was doubted by some. After a

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Top human evolution discoveries of last week (8/11/15)

It’s Sunday again; so lets review the latest human evolution discoveries from the past week. Perhaps the biggest development is the “contributor” button that now appears at the top of my pages. This is a new scheme by my ad network that allows you to

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Top human evolution discoveries of last week (19/10/15)

It’s Sunday; so here’s your weekly recap of the top 5 discoveries about our past (and future) from the last 7 days Oxytocin is something to fear; at least if you’re male. New research has revealed that this hormone – normally associated with affection, sex and