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The origin of complex cooking

Today’s question comes from a Stuart Worley, submitted via the feedback form. Could you point me to (or discuss yourself) an explanation of how complex (TBD) cooking techniques “evolved”? In short, how did we get from eating single substances to, “gee, I think I’ll put

The evolution of monogamy

Humans have a rather bizarre relationships structure in which multiple, monogamous families live together. Whilst there may well be an “alpha” male he does not monopolise the females, instead allowing his subordinates to live within and mate with those in his group. This strategy is

The emergence of modern behaviour

Whilst Homo sapiens is defined by its biology, if one were forced to identify their most important attribute then their anatomy would not be it. No, it is our behaviour which truly sets apart from other creatures. Although our body is a highly derived object

When could our ancestors run?

Most people typically view Homo sapiens as physically rather weak; reliant upon our technology for survival in the harsh world. Picturing people without technology on the Savannah typically ends up with them becoming lion food in short order. We’re slower than Cheetahs, less agile than

The children of climate change

The climate seems like a very topical issue, constantly being brought to the forefront of the political arena. Newspapers comment, governments pledge and bloggers quarrel…all in the here and now. Given all of this, it’s easy to forget that the environment has been constantly changing

The hobbit is still Homo floresiensis

In 2003 Evolutionary Anthropology came crashing into popular culture with the discovery of Homo floresiensis, found – as the name might suggest – on the island of Flores. Affectionately nicknamed “the Hobbit” by the media, this diminutive creature stood at only 108 cm tall (~3′

Hunter-gatherers are secretly selfish

Many suggest food sharing is the foundation of society, sowing the seeds of co-operation that eventually gave rise to the complex culture we know and love. Thus explaining why food sharing developed is an area of importance when it comes to understanding Homo sapiens as

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Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I like your blog and thought based on its content you deserved this award. I don’t really know quite what this award means; after all, is a blog confined to posting on a singular (albeit broad) field