Hunter-gatherers are secretly selfish

Many suggest food sharing is the foundation of society, sowing the seeds of co-operation that eventually gave rise to the complex culture we know and love. Thus explaining why food sharing developed is an area of importance when it comes to understanding Homo sapiens as

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Versatile Blogger Award

I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. I like your blog and thought based on its content you deserved this award. I don’t really know quite what this award means; after all, is a blog confined to posting on a singular (albeit broad) field

We are still evolving

I participated in a school play when I was 10 years old which opened with the following lyrics Evolution; Evolution; Make and fix and mend; But now it’s at an end; Evolution! The sentiment conveyed in this song is a common one. Evolution, according to

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The science of belly button fluff

Science excels at explaining the unknown, but try as we might there are some things that are remain just beyond our grasp. Why are we here? Where are we going? Why do some people have more belly button fluff than others? Georg Steinhauser is a

The earliest artistic neanderthals?

Modern humans are almost defined by their behaviours, making the development of modern behaviour a fundamental turning point in the origin of us. It’s when we stopped being hominins and started being humans. Actually, that’s a lie: we’re technically still hominins, that’s just a pithy

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The (very little) evolution of chimps

Humans are a rather self-centred bunch. From thinking an unimaginably large universe exists to benefit the inhabitants of one speck of it to, well….starting a blog called “EvoAnth.” Within science there is a significant bias towards the investigation of how we got here compared to the

Evolving our success

If you were asked what it was that makes Homo sapiens so successful, how might you respond? That it is our technology, which enables  us to conquer any environment? But what allowed the development of such technology? Our big brains of course! But why did

The problem with defining our ancestors

Almost every paper on human evolution commences with an obligatory paragraph about how these particular scientists are defining the species in question. “Today we’re calling Homo erectus outside of Africa Homo ergaster,” they’ll say and you accept that and it’s all well and good.  But