Prehistoric man changed the environment

Humanity altering the environment seems to be a very topical issue. The news seems to be full of stories about another animal we’ve driven extinct, another river we’ve polluted and how we’ve doomed our planet through man-made global warming. On the other hand we think

Jaws and creationism

Jaws and creationism. Unfortunately I’m not talking about the shark (although a creationist horror film would be awesome), but the human jaw. You see, each of our faces is different and for the most part this seems to be because neutral mutations accrue, changing our

Chimps have theory of mind?

One of the defining traits of humanity is conciousness or “sapience.” Arguably it’s what separates us from the beasts, so understanding its development is of prime importance when examining human evolution. To identify the origin of concious thought is to identify the very origin of

How our brains didn’t get big

The social brain hypothesis suggests that our brains, specifically our neocortex, grew larger because it allowed us to remember more relationships and thus live in larger groups which gave us an evolutionary advantage. The evidence for this is rather strong, allowing us to put one

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Last neanderthals found near the Arctic

It’s Europe, 48,000 years ago and things are not going well for Homo neanderthalensis. A deteriorating climate in Central Europe forced both them and the newly arrived Homo sapiens to abandon almost the entire continent. They retreated in Spain whilst we returned to the Middle